How smart is a trout ?

a fun little exercise in mathematics from Jimmy D Moore

  Take the average trout of 12” and his brain. A twelve inch trout will do good to weigh a half a pound – 8 oz. Take the average fly fisherman at 5 feet 11 inches (71”) and weighing around 185 pounds (2960 oz.)

Dividing 12 inches into 71 inches tells us that the average fly fisher is 5.9 times as long as the trout. Dividing the ½ pound, (8 oz), into the 185 pounds, (2960 oz), tells us that the average fly fisher is 370 times heavier than the average trout.

Going farther, a trout’s brain weighs somewhere around 1 ounce. The brain of the average fly fisherman weighs somewhere around 3 pounds or 48 ounces. Dividing 1 ounce into 48 ounces tells us that our brain is 48 times as heavy as that of a trout.

Now, using the formula below, which I invented, not Don Ordes, and which is assuredly better than any formula a biologist could come up with, I developed a very precise Smartness Scale. NOTE: I use the same three variables in my formula for both the average Trout and average Fly Fisher.

For Trout intelligence compared to that of a Fly Fisher, I offer the scientific results below…

click on the guy with the strange pants for the rest of this amusing yet painful human ego bruising logical deduction. enjoy !

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  1. Flycasting !
    On land, sometimes on water, without a fly!
    That will be my new sport, or golf !

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