you old fuckers !

a short extract from Essence of Fly Casting II by Mel Krieger

what can you say about someone who managed to insult old farts and successfully convey the message across in such a charming manner ?
we can now say that to “get the line out” we’ll need to do a bit more than just ‘stop’ the rod, but the image is a good and lasting one and one that works.
this little clip has always been one of my favorites. thanks Mel.

12 thoughts on “you old fuckers !

  1. You old fucker !
    I stopped the rod !
    The line didn`t go out !

  2. Look, you two, if that’s what happens when you’re out on the lawn, I won’t let you play with these sticks anymore.
    This is a decent place where decent elderly people enjoy a peaceful and well deserved rest. I won’t let you ruin this with your flycasting shenanigans.
    Why don’t you join the others, there’s a bingo this afternoon?

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