tying very small flies on bigger hooks

by Johan Nygren

funny, i was just thinking about this yesterday.
to match the midges that where coming off needed size 24-26-28 emergers but the fishery has 50cm and up fish. sure, i’ve hooked fish before in the same circumstances but the proportion of takes to hook-ups is very low, the disproportion between the fly and the bigger mouth is the problem.
it’s all part of the game to stalk and not hook up but it gets quickly frustrating when you’re not in a Dalaï Lama mood….
Johan’s article addresses this issue with a few tips and pros and cons. good stuff indeed.

To tie a small fly on an over sized hook – benefits (and some disadvantages)

click the pic for Johan’s article. enjoy !

ps- be sure to crush those barbs before you tie ! 😉

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  1. I see that silver creek’s big science did not convince you yet.
    Could it be that you are an obscurantist, an enemy of the Pure Reason, a promoter of irrational behavior and such?

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