i regularly get emails or comments when i meet people about the Cobra but this one’s been one of the sweetest yet and i thought i’d share it with you all.
thanks John, it means a lot.

Hi Marc,

I just wanted to drop you a little note sharing my appreciation for your great blog.  I live in Pennsylvania USA and have only been fly fishing/tying for about 4 years now.  I scoured the internet for information from rods and lines to vices and epoxy.  As you know there is an endless supply of information out there.  I once read that trying to get good fly fishing info on the internet was like trying to get a sip of water from a fire hose.  I lucked upon your blog and read it daily.  The links you share and the content of the writing seems to be catered to me.  I’ve shared your blog with friends and they are also very happy.  If I ever have a chance to visit the French Pyrenees I’ll be getting a casting lesson for sure.  Thanks again.


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      • Keeping pretty good thanks Marc. Season closes here Saturday, my 42nd birthday and the outlook is wet and wild… May have to drag a #22 streamer through some pools unless the rain gives way to surface drifting. Waiting for a 5′ two weight glass rod to land, the 1982 Hardy Flyweight reel and SA XPS DT2F is cleaned up and ready to roll.

        We need to Skype soon Marc.



    • haha ! 😀
      i just did two single-hand spey/combined with presentation casts demos to a bunch of frogs showing them how they could do better than gay-nymphing with these methods while increasing their manliness at the same time.
      i had you in the back of my mind all along… 😛 😆

  1. Increasing their manliness? Hows that? By euronymphing with a 18′ spey rod? Never tried it, sounds interesting concept:)

  2. no need to understand anything Marc, fly fyshing is a simple affair, you can always make a spey cast with a SH if you fancy that or may euronymph with a 20′ spey rod , it works both directions, but Im still inclined to think that the bigger the rod the best are the chances for increasing the manliness:-)

  3. when we stop thinking it becomes a complicated, obscure matter, but its only fishing in the end! great fall season to you too mate 🙂

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