breaking out the Break Out Emerger

by Hans Weilenmann

scruffy, shucky, drabby, emergingly great !
Han’s once again demonstrates his impeccable craft with this just-below-the surface general emerger pattern originally created by Loren Williams*. as always, be sure to check out all the little tying details that make Hans’ flies the great flies that they are.
vary size and colors to match your local bugs. enjoy !

* not to be confused with Lauren Williams.

6 thoughts on “breaking out the Break Out Emerger

    • the innovative casting instructor needs to know these things Dear, as it’s all for the good of the purpose. it’ ‘mon devoir’ !
      the only problem is having to hold back on sharing a lot of vital casting information because of the mormons and redheads. the latter of course are a dying breed so with them out of the way soon expect some juicy tips on how to avoid tailing loops in the near future. stay tuned !!!

      • you’re dedication to the better loop is awe inspiring, Marc.
        and I’m typing this while standing “au garde à vous” in front of the computer, which is quite difficult.

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