” ‘Tis the devil’s work my son, and do not let me catch you about it.”

T E Pritt on fishing North Country Wets down and across.

let’s just say (or i’ll just assume :mrgreen:) Pritt’d think the same of Bulgarian, Polish, Czech, Belgian, Vatican, Belaru, Macedonian, Welsh, French, Lithuanian, Monegasque, Montenegran, Spanish, San Morenian, Maltese or any other form of this high-sticking, flipp-flopping, wrist twirling unmanly silly-madness commonly referred to as ‘Euro-Numphing’…

19 thoughts on “” ‘Tis the devil’s work my son, and do not let me catch you about it.”

  1. beautiful art work Marc, is this a Leonardo capturing the truth and apologetic of Euronymphing? Me think all the great flyfishers/thinkers of the past /Pritt, Stewart , Skues / would love it, they were practical and observant types, not narrow minded ,inflated underfished balloons like Halford!

    • “apologetic” :lol:…
      you’re correct, Alex. Halford’s beer and scotch-sucking belly prevented him from ‘moist numphing’ properly, a great source of despair for poor Eileen as you can imagine !
      recent research (from a very inspired french numphologist who choses to remain anonymous) has just published evidence (and a DVD) of poor Eileen loudly singing “Where fore art thou ?, Where fore art though ?”. the film concludes with a very unexpected yet pleasant North Country classic “Behind the Hills” sung by none other than the ogre himself: Halford the Abundant.
      for some reason i can’t get these tunes out of my head…

      as for the image, it’s not an old painting but a pic i took with my iPhone of my new girlfriend during a course i gave last week on ‘Wet-Wading Dry’.
      the ‘painting’ effect was done through Instagram. i’m glad you liked it !

  2. I assume your new girlfriend is fond of a proper Euronymphing as seen on the photo of her you took Marc. So cool!. Maybe she will put you straight on this matter /and on the pink related stuff too/ in no time. Try not to hate her when she outfishes you often!

    As for the ill famed Mr. Halford – he was fushing upstream dries only in a silly unmanly manner because he was a poor nympher, but you know this already. No wonder Eileen was so unhappy of him – how can she be happy with someone capable of upstream dries only?


    • oh yes, in fact i’m just taking a little break from ‘the pink related stuff’ to answer you, Alex.
      now that i’m done i need to go back !
      hasta la vista Amigo !

  3. have you been refreshed brain-wise recently performing nude tenkara yourself Marc? Just wondering. On a second though I rather watch a female artist performing it , its up to my personal taste./Which means too, there is no need to send me photos of you Marc while doing it anyway/.

    I think i like more a female artist doing nude tenkara more, rather than the same artist doing lawn fly casting, but its just me.

    • how this all turned over to fucking tenkara is beyond me… anyway, i was busy editing a special ‘numphing action film’ for you but since you’re not interested, as they say, tant pis pour toi !

  4. nothing to wonder about Marc – tenkara, euronymphing , north country wet flies these all are the roots of the art of flyfishing – fished in similar manner. i cant imagine more pure form of fly fishing than the one with a long pole and subsurface flies /no fly line of course/.

    • no way am i going to debate boring notions of purity or traditionalism, Alex.
      now, to shake off the bad after-taste you’ve induced i’m off to the store to find some chocolate !

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