mudskipping !

interestingly, i get very few ‘comments’ when out practicing casts on a public field but we’ve all heard the common “catch anything  ?'” or the slightly less stupid “there aren’t any fish there, mate” from passer-bys usually sporting a number on their fluorescent jersey, a shit-eating grin and holding a big can of cheap beer in one hand and a bag full of air in the other…
my typical reply to the first would be something along the lines of “only dumb comments” and “thanks for the tip, but i just saw a whole bunch of rises behind those blades” for the latter, but now thanks to National Graphic and their continued interest and devotion towards the fly casting community we can simply reply “MudSkippers ! “,  further avoiding clashes, blood and grass stains, having to remove carbon-fibre shards from their twitching bodies and more importantly, being able to stay concentrated on our practice session all the while leaving the sport-types in a state of awe and wonderment.

2 thoughts on “mudskipping !

  1. Sure beats my standard response of: “You’ve obviously never heard of Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) …. duh”

    • well, it’s safe to assume they’ve never heard of mudskippers either but i’m sure they understand ‘duh’…. :mrgreen:
      hi Jan !

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