the Teardrop Loop Wing (TDLW) Caddis

by Ulf Hagström

“yum-yum juicy good”  says Mrs. Trout ! from buddy Ulf here’s a super-nice twist to the classic fold-over cdc wing not only making it stand proud from the crowd but giving it a much more realistic silhouette. tying it involves needles and flames and gummy-stretchy stuff so it’s obviously a cut above the rest for the avid tier !

“This fly that I want to show here is a rather simple but dead effective loop wing caddis. It is a rather long wing with a special appearance, hence the name of the fly. Also I use a little unusual material for the abdomen, you can of course use any other that you are fond of, like nymph skin, flex skin or even just a dubbed and ribbed back body. The flat flexible jewelry “thread” that I have used here are very similar to flexy floss I think.

Fish it actively either when there is hatches of caddis fly or when they are fluttering around on the surface for egg laying.”

i would have included ‘sexy butt’ somewhere in it’s name but (SBTDLW) makes it hard to remember and once combined to a Swedish accent it’s bound to get a little messy…
click either pic for Ulf’s great step-by-step and don’t forget to crush the barbs. enjoy !

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