3 thoughts on ““You can observe a lot just by watching.”

  1. at that point like to quote Mike’s 6th essential. I don’t know how it relates to your post and Bernd’s comments chronologically, but my experience is that it is indeed an essential. it changed the game for me.
    I try to convince the guys in the club to look at what goes on behind them, they don’t pay much attention.
    which is rather bad because 1. our reservoir is surrounded by a rainforest of sorts, you don’t look = your fly is now in this tree/shrub/grass ; 2. their back casting suck so much I win the distance events with a 6wt.

    • Can’t agree there. It may or may not be an ‘essential’ in learning or while casting but it isn’t an essential to the cast as the other five.
      This makes it style, not substance.
      Faut pas mélanger torchons et serviettes… ;p

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