11 thoughts on “Brad Pitting with several GoPros

    • he doesn’t do a heck of a lot of fighting this fish so he might as well have a 5′ rod.
      but anyhow that’s not important, my main disappointment was he didn’t drown… :mrgreen:

  1. he maybe landed the fish in a 5 minutes, but for the video to look ‘epic’ it took longer:) otherwise the music was dramatic, no wonder you would expected him to drown:)

  2. 35 to land the fish or to shoot the video? have no idea that a salmon is that strong, should forget about technical delicate brwonie fishing and move forward for salmon instead:)

    • watch it again on the Youtube page, Amigo. (that’s where he says it took 35 min. )
      half of the time the fuckwit has his rod pointed down towards the fish and we even see lots of slack between the reel and first rod guide. that’s not fighting a fish. he was definitely more interested in showing off his face than fighting a fish he shouldn’t have been fishing for in the first place. (because he didn’t consider that a fish might run downstream)
      i wonder how many barbed treble hooks it took for that fish to stay on…

  3. i think there are at least two or even three moments when he was not fighting the fush and there was a slack line between them two – him and the fish. he was acting me think at these moments pretending that the fish was gone and lost, than faking a happy face when he started to fight the fish again as beeing surprised that the fish is still hooked.probbaly you are right about those barbed trebles in the fish to stay on that long…this is what happens when fushing is no longer a search for solitude in the nature, but a “shared” show…

    • let’s just conclude he’s a clown missing the red nose. (but considering how cold the water is in Sweden i’m sure other parts where quite red !) :mrgreen:

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