Fly Casting- the Snap-Snatch cast

by Tim Rajeff

another groovy casting tip from Tim: the Check Your Fly snap or what i’ve been calling the Snap-Snatch. a quick in, quick out solution to not only check knots and hook point sharpness but also to change flies. fast, efficient and fun, it’s all good.
tip: just as Tim does, reach for and catch the tippet instead of the fly. tippets don’t have sharp hook points !
(and of course wear glasses !!! )

2 thoughts on “Fly Casting- the Snap-Snatch cast

  1. Mr. Rajeff your Snap-Snatch cast is awesome and saves valuable river time. I, being relatively new, have gained emience knowledge from your videos and I sencerely appreciate your giving of time and knowledge so freely. Thank you a disabled vet.

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