Sensorsex Test with Two Sensors

here in the south of France we need to find good ways to keep both our minds and bodies busy during the long-long winters and one of the best ways to accomplish this is the all new Sensorsex Test with Two Sensors.
far from being some cheap gadget, the SsTwTS wonderfully accomplishes several (at least two) functions and does all of them wonderfully !

it keeps your casting arm in prime shape, ready to go on opening day and as a sideline, the sensor thingy transmits information to a computer and gives graphs and such about rod rotation, tracking, speed, translation and who knows what else all in the interest of studying fly casting mechanics and physics but that’s not important because it’s main function is that it fills your house with weird funk-like tunes from some bad ’70′s flick, something we all need on a regular basis but generally speaking, lack.

it’s creator, Tom Reidar Syversen A.K.A. SuperRattus from Norway tells me that it also sends ‘sexy feeling’ waves through the arm that spread throughout the whole body putting the user in a state of prime fly-flicking condition and awareness.
for the moment, and after some less than extensive testing, i haven’t felt these but he affirms that this happens when the wrist is well conditioned. “It’s a long winter, you know… “

soon to be on sale in the upcoming Limp Cobra Boutique, don’t hesitate to give a call to reserve your plug and play SsTwTS today !