Light Cahill’s extended body

a Matt Grobert fly via Tightline Productions

of particular interest, this video shows us a nice, simple and nifty way to create an extended-body generic mayfly pattern. i’ve seen this style many times before and i don’t know if Matt is the creator of this method but this tutorial indeed demonstrates this technique best.
as an option, other tiers will slick-down the body with varnish or uv resin to make the finished body thinner to match their local bugs. as might be expected, this thinner, coated  version will only help this part of fly sink as a sealed material can not soak up fly floatant but sometimes that’s not such a bad thing as the half in/half out appearance could suggest an emerging fly struggling to break through the water’s surface tension. as Matt’s use of rabbit dubbing on the video suggests that the thorax would be underwater, the tier wishing to have a higher floating fly can easily substitute for other coarser materials such as hare, seal’s fur or even foam. enjoy !

One thought on “Light Cahill’s extended body

  1. Mr. Grobert,
    I like the simplicity of this fly. What mayflies do you tie in this fashion other than the Light Cahill? Thank you.


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