No left, No right – Fly casting with the non-dominant hand

via hooked4lifeca, casts performed by Peter Charles

here’s a very nice casting drill to learn to cast with the non-dominant hand.
although not the ultimate solution for every caster, i particularly like the idea of trying to remove the thinking process as the “Now let’s see, what should i be doing with this dumb arm ?” can very often build up a wall when the idea is to tear it away.
indeed, unless a person has reduced motor capabilities, i’m firmly convinced that most anglers can cast just as well with either hand once they’ve realized that it’s just a mind-frame that’s holding them back. sure, anything’s possible but i’ve never heard of someone sticking a fork into their eye or ear when eating with the non-dominant hand !

primarily geared towards the double-hand rod and being comfortable in interchanging the top hand from the ‘usual’, this drill is equally effective for the single-hand rod user as rolls and speys are a very good way (if not the best, imo) to learn the fundamentals of fly casting.
note that the drill increases in speed, further reducing the time to include confusing thoughts…

“Learning to cast with our non-dominant hand up can be a real challenge. I’ve found that trying to think our way through the cast, rather than just letting it go, causes much of the problem. This drill is designed to build muscle memory and making the non-dominant hand up cast, automatic.
The video was shot in a howling wind from an awkward casting position, which created some challenges, but it serves to show that the drill can be done anywhere a Spey cast can be made.”

if your interested in increasing your non-dominant hand’s capabilities, apart from pantomiming the moves or using just a rod butt section at home or work, here’s a few more non-casting activities to keep you busy (or amused !)
– brushing your teeth or any other bathroom activities. :mrgreen:
– using your computer mouse or trackpad.
– throwing and catching a ball.
– use your imagination to add to the list and if you’re really curious and want to find out which actions you automatically do with your dominant hand (we tend to take these things for granted or rather, thoughtlessly as they’ve become automatic through repetition)  you could always wear a boxing glove or oven mitt around the house for a while…

2 thoughts on “No left, No right – Fly casting with the non-dominant hand

    • of course it is, Dario.
      think of all the things you do every day with the non-dominant hand; when was the last time you put the fork in your eye when eating with the non-dominant hand ? 😆
      its just a matter of wanting to and practicing until it becomes ‘normal’.

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