as extreme examples:

” on the stream where i lived i repeatedly observed wild brown trout not only being put down but altogether disappearing for four days because i discreetly threw 5 or 6 wood grubs in the pool for them to eat.

and then walking through a school of grayling, catching several, walking through the school again and still catching the dumb things from the other side…

perch:awereness scale quote

however astute the observer there are no conclusions or rules in attempting to understand animals but it’s all fun and informative if one keeps an open mind all the while remembering that there are no absolutes. it is however good to keep everything in an easily accessible folder in the back of the mind and add it all to our bag of tricks because they sometimes make a difference. interesting paradox…
anyhow, thinking about fish makes a nice distraction from thinking about sex although combining the two makes for a better experience. “