Why you should Always wear Glasses and Only use Barbless hooks.

the images speak for themselves…

755_eye 250664_10150899939505186_573756238_n 374548_2559520602579_67724225_n 487690_3523193360814_277192784_n 525804_10150977636619210_1119082281_n 545753_356389161114475_160658588_n 552444_447941398603011_684347760_nhook in eyelid 559016_422195607816972_1299459440_n 644602_356388527781205_1181476481_n 728157 afp20030401p1481-f7 fishhok injury to the eyelid of right eye hook ear-ringKiefer's fishing hook miracle 008[3]

lip-fish-hook-3tumblr_maml1j1H5i1rvbgyxo1_500 tumblr_mb4x1h1CA51r8vrhxo1_r1_500wpid-mh1Ndl

this last one shows permanent damage several years after the hook was removed.


and if you’re thinking that glasses aren’t necessary for fly casting practice, think again.
even without a hook the line and/or leader could very easily slice through an eyeball should it come across the face as in the video below. my friend Aitor was very lucky he didn’t get hurt.

eye protection sticker

11 thoughts on “Why you should Always wear Glasses and Only use Barbless hooks.

  1. Excellent info matey. This should be shown to ALL anglers especally fly anglers and ESPECIALLY beginners who think they dont need HATS or glasses.
    Can I borrow the “Caution” etc etc at the end of the article please?

    • thanks Keith and feel free to share the article or images.
      i know it’s a bit like when people watch real car accidents and it doesn’t affect their way of driving… but this all can’t hurt to keep in mind.
      the ‘Caution’ logo isn’t mine as you can see the web address on it so go ahead ! 😆 :mrgreen:
      if you go to that address you’ll find their online shop that sell the stickers 😉

  2. Wow. The images alone are scary, some even frightening. Glad I already had breakfast. I fish barbless and wear prescription glasses. Whew!

    • hey Don ! so glad you’re feeling better and back on the ball !
      eye/hook pics: as you’ve guessed, the gruesomeness was the plan. all i hope is it reminds people to pay attention and play it safe when out fishing. (not only for themselves but anyone else around)
      cheers !

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