Distance Fly Casting: Two very different styles

with very similar results.

here’s Fredrik Hedman and Stefan Siikavaara, both cool guys, Swedish and two of the better fly distance competitors in the world. as you can see, there’s a heck of a lot of training and thought behind each one’s style.
Fredrik Hedman & Stefan Siikavaara - tLC 'friendly faces'
that night Stefan topped at 35,6m  (124+ ft) in the very muggy Boson sports arena near Stockholm and Fredrik  at 35,9m setting a new indoor swedish record despite the humid air. extremely-very impressive !

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7 thoughts on “Distance Fly Casting: Two very different styles

  1. Cool stuff, Marc. I played around with that “right-foot forward” stance back when all of those Rick Hartman videos were around. Hoped it would make my tracking better, but I could never get used to it. Went back putting my left foot forward. Still didn’t cast anywhere near as far as these guys though! Very impressive.

  2. Hi Mark,
    I am able to cast 25 m and I would like to improve it. Unfortunately my cross dominance (left dominant eye and right dominant hand) does not help me, any tips?

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