Split the Cane

part 1 – some ranting
bamboo fly rods:
depending on where you mention those three words you’ll typically get reactions such as oooing and ahhhing and conversations will inevitably lead towards notions of purity, tradition, nobility and who knows what other hobnob sentimentality hastily shoved down your ears with very little regard to how they actually perform.
having had the great honor and opportunity to be invited to demonstrate casting at several Cane meetings and fairs and having the chance to try out hundreds of different rods, quite honestly most of them perform like something that’s better off staying on a wall and aesthetically speaking, a good portion of them would be an insult to the wall.
the dismal truth is the vast majority of cane builders i’ve met are poor casters and thrive on outdated notions. i’m not saying that every builder should be as anal about fly casting as i am myself but i’d expect them to at least have descent control of the line and produce consistent loops regardless of their style. among others, i’d also expect them to understand that a fly rod is not a spring and that slow actions do not result in a more ‘relaxed’ way to cast.
like most, i can try out a rod and decide for myself but i find it extremely difficult to respect the opinion of a rod builder that doesn’t even understand how a rod functions and doesn’t know how to use the tool they made themselves.

part 2 – the good part, some praising !
friend and FFF certified casting instructor colleague Christian Strixner based near Munich is on the other hand, one of the rare cane rod builders who knows how to combine the essential qualities of both a finely tuned casting/fishing tool while being a beautiful high performance piece of art.  
(rods that would put to shame the finest of walls :mrgreen: )
at first glance we’re struck with their exquisite aesthete but when we pick one up for a cast the real magic happens.
and that my friends is something to realy oooo and ahhh about…

for more info on Christian’s rods visit his site Split the Cane. enjoy !

18 thoughts on “Split the Cane

  1. “…slow actions do not result in a more ‘relaxed’ way to cast.”

    Well, if by slow action we are talking about a rod which asks for a relatively longer stroke/angle to cast… Yes, they are more relaxed to cast because you can use less force.

      • When I use a wrench to loose a nut I don’t measure I just feel the difference in the force needed if I try to loose the nut with my fingers only.

  2. ‘feel’ isn’t very scientific is it ? geez, i was expecting something including dynometers and other thingies that give numbers… :mrgreen:
    but getting back top your first comment, a longer stroke would require more physical energy output and that’s tiring ! 😆

    • Here you are regarding numbers:
      if you double the distance over which you apply a force you need half the force.:-)
      So a longer stroke doesn’t require more effort, it is exactly the opposite. You should revise your understanding of levers.:-)

      • aha, that’s better ! (but i still think slower rods suck, specially now that i have to move the rod tip twice as much as with a faster rod) 😀

  3. That’s another matter entirely. I don’t like slow rods either, but for short to medium casts they are more “relaxed to cast” for sure. Just I don’t go fishing for relaxing. 🙂

  4. it depends of the mood that Im in – sometimes im after a relaxed day out with a slooow bamboo rod delibaretly made that way for me:) those are the days when im listening to the singing burds and admiring the scenery while hooking a few fush and there are other days when im armed with a long light weight fly rod to hook all that fush swimming in the river while Im oblivious of the world:)

    when you cast a slow boo rod it dictates you to adapt a slower relaxed rhythm and will calm yourself its not like a frantic backward and forward throwing as with a faster rod will force you to do 🙂

    happy holidays mates!!

  5. no, the rod doesnt talk to me that way like a human, its more like that we became One Perfect Being – me and the rod:)

    As for the loops – i dont know – I never turn back to watch them:)

    • i find it fascinating that you haven’t yet noticed that there’s a loop in the front as well as the back, Alex… 😯 😛 😆

  6. there are loops in front as well…??! Obviously I forget so many things in fly fishing Marc…its either being focused 110% on the target fish or because of the clear mono that makes the loops invisible while fly fishing the macedonian way… 🙂

  7. There is no way to prove that I feel more relaxed fishing with bamboo rods, the same way I can’t prove Christian’s rods are beautiful. For some things there are no equations …

    (insert appropriate emoticon here)

    • i get the feeling you had this one in mind ? :roll:…


      hey Man ! great to see you here. hope all’s well and life’s great !

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