Muscle Memory, Chocolate, Marital Sex and Fly Casting Games

“Muscle Memory has been used synonymously with motor learning, which is a form of procedural memory that involves consolidating a specific motor task into memory through repetition. When a movement is repeated over time, a long-term muscle memory is created for that task, eventually allowing it to be performed without conscious effort. This process decreases the need for attention and creates maximum efficiency within the motor and memory systems. Examples of muscle memory are found in many everyday activities that become automatic and improve with practice, such as fly casting, typing on a keyboard about fly casting, typing in a PIN number to buy a new fly line, ‘drawing with the rod tip’ to perform presentation casts, playing fly casting  games, or performing complex arm movements while attempting to explain fly casting physics.”

you got it, fly casting is just like sex or eating chocolate. you can talk and theorize about it all you want but you’re not going to be any good at it without practicing regularly and just like chocolate, it should be a fun thing to do or it just becomes a boring unproductive chore like marital sex.

anyhow… if you’re in need of some fun casting practice inspiration, i definitely recommend Carlos Azpilicueta‘s list of Casting Games.
to discover what the mess below is about and why it will make you a better fly caster/fisher, click the pic quick !

Carlos' Casting Games

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