Grouse and Gold and coincidences and a secret.


something i’ve noticed over the last year or so is, if i haven’t tied any flies for a while (in this case it’s been almost two weeks !), unless there’s an absolute need for a specific pattern, usually the first style of flies that comes to mind and brings back the desire to sit at the bench are spiders (or hackled wets). now, just this morning i received four Whiting hen saddles to try out, a very original tying accessory (haha ! sorry, it’s sort of a Secret for now but i’ll tell you about it soon !), and rediscovered a bunch of vintage spools of silk thread that where hiding in the basement. a sign to get back on the ball if there ever was one.

anyhow… not only is the Grouse and Gold below a nice fly and one sure to be a great March Brown imitation (among others) but there’s a nice trick here i haven’t seen before:  the way Davie ties in the peacock herl to finish off the head portion of the fly. i just gave the method a try on a bare hook and it works a charm. it’s one of those “it’s so obvious i should kick myself in the b****  for not having thought of it myself ” type-things…
take note that this will also work equally well with just about any thin-cored material. definitely cool, fast and simple.
enjoy !

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