BigFoot !

or the Footprint Dun, an Oliver Edwards design tied by Hans Weilenmann

my first reaction was “oh my……” , but on second look (and third and forth etc, etc) what comes out is a fly that is pretty uniquely designed around strong trigger/attractor points and that makes it stand out not only to the fish but also from the average dry fly lot.
all this spread-outness created by the separated tails and legs will of course leave a strong footprint on the water’s surface but when combined with the poly-wing, makes for a fly that lands ‘on it’s feet’ and stays that way, stabilized by it’s effective overall width, something very interesting in rolling waters. the wing itself will make it visible to the angler miles away making it a good indicator fly for fishing a nymph or two beneath it if you’re in a searching situation.
good and BigFooty stuff for sure, enjoy !

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