The Herl May

a bit dismayed by what seems to be a habit of only showcasing a few selected tiers repeatedly here, the dismal truth is, if could find among what seems to be billions of other tying tutorials worthy of being shared, i most definitely would.

just to show that there’s still hope, this great tutorial of the Herl May Callibaetis nymph by Grant Bench is a fine breath of fresh air and i hope to have more of his work to share soon.
among others, a nice trick here is pre-treating the future wing case cover with UV resin directly on the feather before removing the fibers as this keeps them together without bunching, protects them from sharp little teeth and also makes the tying process easier. good stuff indeed. (let’s just hope the strange music will be left out in future videos… :mrgreen: )
enjoy !

4 thoughts on “The Herl May

  1. I feel you. Spending hours scouting the web for something like McPhail, Weilenmann or Tightlines. Not much to be found yet I fear.
    Good catch!

    • who cares about fly tying anyway ?… 😆
      anyway, i found a really nice Hare’s Ear nymph tutorial from a lesser-known tier that’ll be up soon.
      take care,

  2. There’s more creativity and attitude on the big streamers’ side. There’s a couple of tying vids I find quite entertaining (and instructive)

    • sort of. nothing ‘wrong’ with it but imo, that creativity has more to do with adapting lure design that’s been around for a long time with the major difference being the use of various materials used instead of moulded plastic or some sort of rubberised material.
      as for attitude, generally speaking, it’s gone the way of fly fishing films; there’s a stagnant fixed format where style seems to be more important than substance. reminds me of all the rock bands whose greatest atribute was the band’s name…

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