Spey Casting- the AnchorSwitch

yet another ingenious cast devised and performed by Lee Cummings

A method of switching from a down stream anchor spey cast to an upstream one Mid-Cast. This is done by repositioning the line ” and subsequent D loop” to the new delivery side by casting it behind you using rod tip movements similar to that of the Circle cast “but done directly overhead”. 
With practice this cast can be used in swirly winds such as those on the video or to not commit and quickly reposition mid-cast to a new target, a useful trait for a salt water angler… The line lay for the intial set up was that of an aerial double spey “which is a downstream wind cast”, the line was swapped to the upstream side, repositioning the line lay, then a D loop was formed on the upstream shoulder , just as if a Snap or Circle cast was initially performed….”

underlined are the key ‘why’ points to this cast. what’s not underlined is the fun part but you’ll have to try it out yourself to discover that aspect. ’nuff said, this is brilliant. enjoy !

and if you’re still hungry, click HERE for a whole display of previously featured groovy single-hand spey casts performed by Lee. woW…

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