the overachiever…

this little genius didn’t think of anything better to do than to follow my team of three flies from behind and first take the point fly, then the middle and finally let me know about it’s shenanigans when it took the top fly !
'pensive rainbow' 23-12-12
at Lake Trouto earlier today i was ‘knitting’ a very slow figure-of-eight retrieve. the line, leader and nymphs where all straight in line and tight, i was ‘in the zone’ focused and the only time i felt the slightest anything was when it had the third fly in it’s mouth and had decided to turn around…

’twas quite a surprise indeed when i saw the two meter tippet bird’s-nest mess hanging half-in half/out of this overzealous young adult !
to continue with the weirdness, after netting and letting the trout settle down by corralling it *,  the first two flies where just ‘sitting there’ on top of it’s tongue while the third was properly hooked in the corner of it’s jaw, obviously none the worse after this little extravaganza. the bugger must have charged the three flies in one swift gulp !
i’d never seen or heard of anything like this before and for sure i won’t forget this little overachiever.

there isn’t a lot of credible science stating with any kind of certainty that fish have thinking capacities but by the expression above i can’t help but wonder if it’s not reminding itself to take it easier next time…

* keeping net and fish in the water, the net ‘corrals’ them but nothing’s touching them. it’s a fantastic way to let them recover before release. they forget the previous stress, calm down and that’s how i get to take fish portraits of calm fish in their environment. highly recommended !)

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