Sunday’s Cake

Fly Tyin’ with Uncle Ken – The Fatty Longtail via Fly Fish Food

sundays are just another day in the week but with a different name: nothing special.
rituals and sickly-sweet treats however, (as long as there’s cake, chocolate and coffee involved) are something to be performed on a daily basis: and that’s special.
considering that today is sunday and no longer saturday and not yet monday, and that i’ve promised to share some fantabulous new tying videos a treat is in order so here goes !

PA Roya Gurgle Fuck lightshift19

today’s tasty molasses-filled exotic-materials stuffed cake come straight to us from the land of Corn between your teeth. bon appétit  !

7 thoughts on “Sunday’s Cake

    • glad you liked it ! heck, Ken’s tutorial is so awe inspiring that i’ve decided to have a few fingers removed, seeing that i won’t have the need for them anymore… 😆
      hey, it’s good to see your blog so active again. keepem’ comin’ ! 😎

      • Haha…gonna have a look at some more of them:) Yhanks,Marc…and thanks a lot for adding me to your friends list!

  1. to be honest, i thought i had added your blog last year. it’s good to keep an eye on these things once in a while…. -ouch-

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