How to start a fire with pee-pee.

we’d recently seen Cell phone Emergency Calls- How to get through and to continue with this new series of vital Outdoor Skills for the Fly Angler today’s featured video shows us how to make fire without the usual gadgets

far more important than base uses such as keeping warm, preparing pasta, chasing away zombies or using it to signal your presence when lost, fire,

the second most important element to the fly angler (after water) is there for us to stare at and conjure up images of enormous leaping trout (or insert your favorite fish here) and keep the dream alive when we’re not actually fishing. one of the most important aspects in survival situations is to keep the hope and as such, these joyful images we all long for and dream about wil keep us going and going and going when the going gets rough !the title may at first seem a little contradictory and we’ll notice that lady fire-starters will have to show a bit of ingenuity for this to work but it works, it’s fun, messy and will for sure bring up an enormous “Ah-Ha ! I did it !!!” afterglow when achieved, all the elements that make for a great day on the water. enjoy !

2 thoughts on “How to start a fire with pee-pee.

  1. Well, to be honest, I was taken with the idea and the answering of the question. How does one start a fire with a liquid other than those most imflammable? Great turn, to making a lens with the liquid and the cellophane/plastic wrap. Who’d a thunk it? Great, great, great! My wife was not amused, saying that she would just carry matches, thank you. Not a bad idea, but I will wrap them in plastic wrap, just for safety sake, right?

    • i fully approve of your lady’s initiative ! it might have been inspired by a ‘yuck’ feeling but the ‘pee-pee’ method relies on the sun being out and that’s not always the case. (specially at night :mrgreen: )
      better yet is to always cary a magnesium/striker kit, condoms and chocolate and you’ll be prepared for any situation !
      thanks for stopping by, glad the post brought a chuckle,

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