getting low-down and Double-Dirty

as impressionistic and effective as it gets, here’s a minor variation of Bob Wyatt‘s classic Dirty Duster general emerger pattern and because more dirty is better than less dirty…  the Double-Dirty Duster (3D) is born ! originally created as an easier-to-tie version of his famous DHE (deer hair emerger), this pattern is anything but a minor replacement. the abdomen is still under the surface film but the thorax sits slightly differently on the surface, the clipped hackle underneath offers ‘spikier’ legs and the whole surface imprint is much wider and leaves well, a big imprint, something that might entice a fish if they’re keyed-in to bugs with that silhouette.

Hans’ 3D3D and Bob’s original DD below.

as noted in the video, Bob winds the hackle a second time back over it’s first direction whereas Hans winds just once but with a denser feather and slightly extends the thorax. whichever one will be a hard-core, all over the World proven pattern that sorry to be so repetitive, if you target bug-eating fish then this absolutely needs to be in every fly angler’s box. amazingly simple to make, tie it big to small and everywhere in between and vary colors schemes. follow Hans’ excellent video tutorial at the bottom of the page and you can’t go wrong. enjoy !dirty_duster_clipped

5 thoughts on “getting low-down and Double-Dirty

  1. great simple video of a simple & effective fly. I’ve some grizzle hackle that makes a good substitute (or maybe I’m simply to cheap to go out and find a badger)

    • or use markers to darken the lower part of the fibers of the thorax if, for some reason you should think it would make a difference. the fishes won’t know ! 😉
      anyhow, i’m with Bob on this one. this pattern easily replaces a klink-style design without all the fuss. personally, even though i know very well that klinks work very well i still don’t like how they look both ‘in the hand’ or on water but that’s just an aesthetic thing. another thing is, (and i don’t know why) but winding hackle around a post just feels wrong and unnatural in a very droopy geriatric gay manner, but maybe that’s for another topic… :mrgreen:
      thanks for stopping by Iain !

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