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  1. I know that I have seen your explanation of the derivation of your column’s title, The Limp Cobra, but I have lost it, Where may I obtain this most wondrous epistolary effort?

    On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 8:22 AM, the limp cobra

  2. what a mouthful ! :mrgreen:
    it’s in the ‘about’ section but here’s a c&p:
    “as for the site’s title, ‘The Limp Cobra’ is a presentation cast i assembled some years ago as one of several means to present the fly with a good amount of slack in the line and leader to hopefully counter the effects of the seemingly endless micro-currents and counter-currents so prevalent in small stream fishing. It is a pile cast that is performed with both a low back-cast and low front-cast, has two distinct loops, one horizontal and one vertical and it kinda looks like a cobra that rears its head, strikes, then collapses in a lazy heap… thus the name !”

    here’s a sorry video of the cast’s ‘stretched-out’ variant where both loops take up less volume. https://vimeo.com/channels/thelimpcobra/22718986

    i hope to have some better footage of this next week at the AAPGAI meet in Cumbria.
    thanks for your interest !

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