the Swamp Thing

swampthing drawing pretty hard not to be attracted by the name itself, once we get past the idea of some gruesome, gnarly and fetid man-creature we’ll also notice that Hans Weilenmann‘s version is also a groovy shrimp imitation fly. yum !

swamp_thing HWmost of the fly being made with pretty standard materials, the shell back(s) stand out from the crown as it’s made of eel skin. when wet this skin becomes even more translucent and takes on a very realistic appearance. i have several strips but they don’t look as nice and are thicker than the one used in the video so careful selection at purchase seems to be the thing to do to get the desired result. once dried, the skin can be quite rigid and it’s often a good idea to moisten it for a while before starting the tying process. although not exclusive to the species, i can see this fly being a great producer for seatrout.