This Prince wants a change !

a great candy-yummy variation of the Prince nymph from Cheech over at Fly Fish Food.

usually tied on a straight hook shank, this version takes on a more dynamic appearance. that doesn’t mean that it’ll catch more fish but anything ‘dynamic’ has the wonderful side-effect of keeping me from falling asleep !
simple and straightforward to tie, Cheech’s well thought-out tutorial will guide you through this pattern. as noted, it’s one of those ‘must-have’ flies and one well worth having in different sizes and color/material combinations.

cheech prince fly fish food

“don’t be afraid to get a little crazy at the vise. Remember, you won’t know if the fish are going to eat it until you feed it to them.”
words of wisdom close to my heart ! be sure to click on the pic above to access the full article. enjoy !

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