the SuperPupaPlus

dm supapupa variant
it sure doesn’t look like much but the Super Pupa is a hard-core/hard-fishing caddis pupa/emerging pattern. originating from Sweden, the mere mention of this fly’s name there brings far-away ‘in a trance’ looks. (i can’t figure out if it’s the joyful child-like glee of saying those two words or if it’s just another nickname for penis or vagina as there seems to be billions of them in colloquial Swedish… )

anyhow, Davie McPhail‘s version not only has a sexier than average body through the use of two shades of dubbing but the cdc antennae/claws/horns/antlers/feelers/party hat thing in the front will make it stand out in a hatch and this is a great accessory because nothing makes an angler (me) feel dumber than either missing a strike because i thought i was looking at my fly when in fact it was a real that the fish took or striking when the fish took a natural…

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