“I will practice my cast maybe, or just go fishing.”

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such an interesting mix of “I know better but probably won’t”.
as casting/fishing instructors this situation comes up often. even with paying students.
we have to find out just how much the person(s) want to put into it and work from there.
far from being a ‘ha-ha, look at him screw up’ post, i particularly like the humble honesty involved in making and sharing this video and it’s accompanying words.
thing is, he’s not bad at all. nothing a little guided practice wouldn’t fix….

“I am not a good flycaster, in every cast I try to get longer than I ever have before, as a result of that, I often have knots on my leader that are not supposed to be, at other times I just have bad casting days. I guess I should practice more instead of fishing, but then again, then I wouldn’t have the time to go fishing as much.

I have more than once been out fishing with friends that are awesome casters and caught nothing, while they were having the time of their life, simply because I couldn’t cast long enough or cast at all because of wind from a wrong direction, wind changing direction all the time or no room behind me. Only once, I have tried that my bad casting helped me catch fish, Allan Overgaard and I were fishing this “bathtub” from land when I did a good cast my fly landed exactly where the fish were rising all the time, Allan’s casts went a bit too long and the shootinghead spooked the fish. As soon as he realized what was happening and started doing shorter casts, he started catching fish too.”

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2 thoughts on ““I will practice my cast maybe, or just go fishing.”

  1. i dont have such luck Marc. its either the local trout waters are no good for better casters or there is no better casters around.

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