ride the White Polar Pony !

Ride a Wild Pony poster

hard not to think of the timeless eighties’ piece when thinking about this awesome hollow-style streamer from awesome Monsieur Steve Silvario.
contrary to my musical inspiration, (at least as far as this fly is concerned… :mrgreen: ) our video tutorial editor has removed Steve’s voice and replaced it with some nice tunes. from a pupil’s point of view i find that interesting as it forces me to pay more attention (or at least a different form of attention) to what’s going on. for instance, the way he builds up and reinforces the thread wall after installing a wad of polar pony. (hmmm, that last bit sounds a little funny…) anyhow, yup, it’s a bit labor intensive but what a result. enjoy !

and if you’re sick of jazz, here’s the real thing…

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