Monsieur Hulot goes Fly Fishing.

J Tati 1ok, it isn’t really Jaques Tati but Luke Bannister. (excuse me, sometimes i forget to put my glasses on)

Luke makes lovely-lovely split cane rods and here he’s fishing one of his ‘SuperFast 7′ 4wt  in a lovely-lovely place, somewhere in the northern UK. there’s beautiful rivers and streams all over the World but for some reason, these Highland landscapes with their exuberantly beautiful golden brown trout hold a special place for me.
watching how that rod reacts throughout the cast makes it look like a very special taper and design and one i know my casting hand would love to have a special relationship with. ’nuff said for now, i’ll be wiping tears and other stuff and let you watch this lovely-lovely short film.

if you’re not familiar with Jaques Tati’s famous persona Monsieur Hulot, here’s a few tid-bits pulled from his outstandingly funny and quite surreal film ‘Mon Oncle‘ from 1958. enjoy !

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3 thoughts on “Monsieur Hulot goes Fly Fishing.

  1. This entry is an education in itself, and the pictures and video are just stunning! If you have been good, when you die is this where you go?

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