Contrasting Nymphs

one very realistic rendition
contrasting nymph 1

and one that catches fish.

apart from being a gorgeous drawing i couldn’t say exactly what species the top one is in the Ephemeroptera/mayfly world but it isn’t a baetis as these only have two tails.
i guess my point is that in fly selection we have basically two choices. either we decide the fish will only be interested in eating something that very closely resembles the original or we decide to use something that may or may not suggest these same bugs but there’s a few key elements that grab their attention enough to open their mouths and munch them without fear.
i’ll take the latter any day and it’s not about not wanting to tie precious realistics and the ensuing fear of losing them or the time needed to make them or hunting down the right materials or whatever but rather that in my eyes at least, the more tiers try to exactly reproduce insects the farther away they get from actually reproducing them. most will display their flies by themselves and the average angler wows and oooo’s with synesthesia ummm, the thought of what a bug should look like but when placed besides a natural, the latter rightfully hides in shame. poor bugs, poor anglers but the fish at least get a laugh.

well ok, this wasn’t intended to start off as a rant but you know, things happen. bless their gullible souls.
anyway… !  Han’s new tying tutorial shows us how to tie this groovy, simple-to-make trout candy that falls neatly into the second category. enjoy !

tip: the same basic build with a pinch of marabou as the tail would make an awesome damsel imitation.

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