Cloak and Dabbler

cloak & dabbler

dabble |ˈdabəl|
1 [ with obj. ] immerse (one’s fly or flies) partially in water and move them around gently: they dabbled their dabblers in the rock pools.
• [ no obj. ] (of a fly angler) move the team of flies around in the water, feeding them to long and large trout: she figure-of eighted and dabbled her flies through the waves until she turned purple.
2 [ no obj. ] take part in an activity in a casual or superficial way: he dabbled in writing about tradition loch-style flies as a young man.
dabbler |ˈdab(ə)lər|noun
1 he/she/it who engages in dabbling

good, now that we know how to use it we can get on with this thing and make one. enjoy !

“ya got to be brave to do that”  

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