Fly Casting- Hearing the Cast

here’s an organ that most of us have but is seldom used or brought up in casting discussions.
mad ears 'hearing the cast' 13-4-13

to bring back a quote from a casting instructor colleague that fits well with today’s topic:  “You can’t feel, hear, smell or taste the quality of your back cast but you can see what happens” and that’s something i completely agree with, now on the other hand, by opening up our holed appendages we can easily determine how fast we are moving the rod either on the back cast or front cast and more specifically, and because this can lead to problems, if we are moving it too fast.

the faster the rod moves, the more noise it makes as it moves through the air.
compared to a lot of other more intricate moves we need to make to control a fly line well (such as tracking the rod tip in a straight line, just to name one), less ‘whooosh‘ or more ‘whoooooooosh‘ is an easy concept that anyone can understand and instantly put into application with every cast without having to learn anything at all because we already know how to hear.
it’s all too easy to get overwhelmingly absorbed by the casting process, specially if we’re working on technique or casting to some big ‘ole fish, leading to cloaking some senses to favor others such as the visual or feeling so, if we want to hear the rod all we have to do is remind ourselves to do it. it’s an acquired skill but a very simple one to acquire.

ironically, the sound of the video isn’t very good… :mrgreen: but just crank up the volume and listen to some great tips from Chris Myers. enjoy !


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