Andreas’ Klinkhammer

by Andreas Lestander

first, a pointless grump. i do not like these flies.
they catch a lot of fish and i really respect Van Klinken for coming up with something that stands out from from the crowd. it is in fact one of the rare, real and unique and different fly designs to come around for many, many years so, hats off to that.
however, my beef(s) is that although i have plenty of them and use them and do catch fish with these things, i really don’t like their visual appeal. to me they look like something that was haphazardly put onto the transporter bay on StarTrek but didn’t come back as it was supposed to when it reached destination. they fuck with my sense of organization.
klinkhammer from below
further more, this fly was initially designed to catch loathsome odiferous grayling. as noted on previous posts here, it takes an ugly fly to catch an ugly fish so in a way, i guess they get what’s coming to them. fair enough.
my second beef is that it’s creator had, has and will probably keep on having: a beard.
no, not one of those full and jolly things like Santa or Charles Manson but some scraggly undefined mess of strands all over the cheeks. this is most untidy and as with people who wear watches, i simply can not trust them, specially when they tie flies to catch grayling. on purpose.
of course, i could go on and on with my lack of fish/sex/and mostly-that-someone-completely-fucked-up-a-custom-rod-build-i-was-supposed-to-have-soon induced rant but you’ve probably had enough as it is so, my friends, here’s a lovely fly tying tutorial of this notorious fly by my Swedish friend Andreas. there’s a lot of fine tips and tricks to pick up here. enjoy !

cool underwater pic via

2 thoughts on “Andreas’ Klinkhammer

    • No-No ! Keep on making ugly flies so I can get other non-related things out of my system ! 😆 :mrgreen:

      But otherwise, keepem coming whatever it is. We all love your videos.
      Thanks Andreas !

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