“Elephants eat Peanuts” (and bubble-butt caddis emergers)

bubble-caddis emerger Tightline Prod.

by Tim Flagler at TightLine Productions via MidCurrent

despite the what-i-believe controversy brought up by entomologists that caddis nymphs don’t actually create bubbles to reach the water surface and therefore turning LaFontaine’s theory into just another fly tying bubble of hot air… there’s no doubt whatsoever that LF’s famous fly works well but it’s safe to say that in many places around the Globe, the original is simply too shiny because caddis aren’t shiny but rather dull. this is easy to observe if one takes the time to look at these bugs when they’re coming up from the depths. if anything, it’s more of an attractor pattern and not really an imitation. of course, there’s nothing wrong with that because ‘matching a hatch’ isn’t strictly about copying the bugs that are there at the moment but finding the fly the fish will comfortably feel like slurping down.
anyway, replacing the standard Antron fibers by a feather makes a lot more sense, specially considering that most fish aren’t on hallucinogens and probably shouldn’t be particularly attracted to bright and glittery, color-changing disco light-type bugs.
Tim once again delivers a great tutorial in technique, style and simplicity. enjoy !

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10 thoughts on ““Elephants eat Peanuts” (and bubble-butt caddis emergers)

  1. a Partridge and Pupa wet ?

    its not in the spirit of LaFontain but it may work too . there is more than one way to catch trout on a fly. according to him drab caddis ‘imitations’ do not outfish Sparkle Pupa. The orthodox strictly entomology based flies are not the best fish catchers aren’t they ? 🙂

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