Fishification through Fire (or how to burn your balls and catch more fish)

(ermmm… balls as in beads, bead heads, bead heads for sinking flies)
from Akos Szmutni 

as every fish knows, bluish-black is the new gold so we might as well listen to them for a change. in just a few minutes you can easily transform all those worthless gold balls into sure-fire fish-catching tidbits by following Akos’ ingeniously simple step by step and all this by using every angler’s second favorite element: FIRE !

“Talking to a couple of experienced fisherman it seems like goldheads on nymphs are more or less out of fashion. Not the we wouldn’t like them anymore but the fish somehow seem to lose interest in them. I think fish learn on a number of ways: genetic transmission, experience and communicating with each other. Somehow even freshly stocked fish are disinterested in goldheads on a number of rivers, especially if they are clean and fishing pressure is high.

This wouldn’t be such a big problem, as we can buy black, copper, silver (haven’t had much success with that), orange and other heads. But if you like to buy flytying stuff in bigger quantities you can end up in a situation like I did, having hundreds of gold coloured tungsten heads that you don’t really believe in anymore. Additionally I lose very few flies while fishing (maybe I just don’t fish enough) and you can imagine that this can be nerving.

But I found an OK way to solve the problem: you can burn the gold heads to black! The only thing you will need is a long needle, bodkin or similar, a lighter and a bowl with water. Put the gold heads on the bodkin, burn them with the lighter until the paint/coating starts to peel off. Drop them in the water. Most of the cover will fall off by itself, the rest could be easily scratched away. What you will get is a nice blueish black colour. Looks very fish-catching to me and in fact it is.

Be careful: I have no idea what poisonous fumes can generate so do this outdoors. Protect your hands and eyes.

Ákos “

from dead uglyakos20c1. You will need water to cool the tungsten heads.
2. Put them on a needle.
3. Burn! Won’t work if it is windy.
5. You will end up with this bluish colour.
dead sexy !akos20d

just the other day i was trying to figure out how to ‘rough-up’/scratch/sand-off some bead heads and this came along. thanks mate !

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7 thoughts on “Fishification through Fire (or how to burn your balls and catch more fish)

  1. Good tip. I see this sort of shying away from beadhead patterns on our heavily fished tailwaters like the Beaverhead. Not always but sometimes.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • glad you liked and hope it can help and thanks for stopping by !
      good point about heavily fished fisheries, that’s exactly what’s happening in many areas in Europe.
      the way i see it is, even if the rest of the nymph is dressed to be somewhat realistic, a shiny bead which can often represent 1/4, 1/3 or even 1/2 of the total volume of the fly is just an attractor. nothing wrong with that of course but its far removed from what a natural bug looks like: none of them have big globular super-shiny heads.
      at some point the fish have to notice this. they’re not very smart but they’re not dumb either… 😆

  2. On my creek I have patterns I use religiously , I use both gold and blue/black…I get 10 to1 fish on the gold over the blackened. This also falls true on most streams and rivers I fish in Southern Ontario Canada….

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