fly fishing videos: Proper Catch and Release Methods

 ‘Live Release of Wild Atlantic Salmon’, a very nice effort put together by fqsawith top fishers Geneviève Fournier and Dave Adams.

the voice-over guy kinda sounds like a robot but the message is clear, concise and good. of special note is keeping the fish out of the water no longer than five seconds at a time, something too many anglers are prone to overlook in the ‘heat of the moment’ even if they mean well. if there’s a need or desire for more pics just put it back, let it breath and calm down and start over again, five seconds at a time.
geared towards the Atlantic salmon, the same methods apply to all species. enjoy !

and speaking of Québec and what might make your salmon-fishing trip there even more specialer, i’m not sure of the exact dates but a major My Little Pony convention is planned soon. an astounding fact is that pony Bronies (fans) are predominantly adult and male…