Fish/Ichthyology: 100 Brown Trout Facts

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“We are a conservation charity that focuses on practical work to improve habitat for trout across the UK and Ireland.  Although we have few staff, we have a big impact because we work with grass roots organisations  (fishing clubs, local community and conservation groups)  and landowners to give them the  inspiration, advice and  practical skills to improve and maintain their lake or river for the benefit of trout and all wildlife.
Most of our members, supporters and staff are fishermen, but we are not a fishing organization. 

We simply love wild trout and the rivers they live in; the trout are an indicator that much in and around the river is well. We want to make sure that trout and all that they stand for are there for future generations.” 

respect, lots. in one of the more informative articles i’ve seen on our slimy friends, you’ll find a short selection below. enjoy !

Pyrenees brown TLC 7-6-13

8. Trout have teeth on the roof of the mouth, called vomerine teeth, and this helps to distinguish trout from salmon. In trout the teeth are a strong double row; in adult salmon in freshwater, they are small and a single row or absent.

89.   Very acidic water  – pH 3.5 – can  cause S. trutta eggs to die within ten days

25.   A Trout can look and focus out of both corners of each eye simultaneously meaning that it can see in almost every direction at once.

67.   The natural range of Salmo trutta extends from Iceland to the Atlas mountains in North Africa and from Ireland to the Ural Mountains and the Caspian sea. Since the late 19th century, the species has been widely introduced beyond this range by man.

13.       The majority of trout die before their first birthday. Mortality rates in their first year of life are typically 95% or greater, falling to around 40 – 60% in subsequent years.

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3.  Brown trout have between 38 and 42 pairs of chromosomes. Humans have only 23 pairs.

and you’ll have guessed, my favorite !

38.   Trout don’t laugh when they’re being tickled!

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Wye Brown Gathering 2013 TLC 7-6-13trout images: Marc Fauvet/TheLimpCobra