hard-core rainbows

Thomas Harvey’s Double Rainbow by Brian Wise via The Ozark Fly Fishing Journal

Wicked  fly, video, soundtrack  and bunny. all the right ingredients for a perfect streamer.

i can’t advocate the use of two hooks on the same fly because the second has so many chances of seriously hurting the fish but this articulated streamer is so right in so many ways that i just have to share it.

as for the double hooks, if it bothers you too, cutting one off at the bend after the fly’s completion is a piece of cake. enjoy !

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4 thoughts on “hard-core rainbows

  1. On small fish you might be right about 2 hooks but our experience fishing 2 & 3 hook flies is there is very little actual damage from the front or rear hook _ egg patterns probably cause more damage running deep. One in the front of the mouth, maybe one on the lips corner of the mouth etc.

    We are targeting browns 20″ and better but seriously after 24″-plus. In season we are averaging one of those two footers about every 3 days. I know you saw the 31″ fish one of our friends got Monday night. http://ozarkflyfisherjournal.wordpress.com/2013/06/04/31-of-white-river-golden-brown/.

    The 2/0 Gamakatsus or TMC 8089s #2 really don’t penetrate all that deep. We are running flies from 4″-9″

    I’ve been running a lot of articulated shanks through the middle of the fly this season (rather than triples). I want the front hook for the eat over the eyes (killing bite) and one in the tail for the tail nipping territorial bite.

    You should come fish it with us Marc

    • hi Brian,
      i think i’ll just remain skeptical and have you change my mind in person then 😀

      the reason i brought that up was from unpleasant experiences friends and i have had in the past: gouged eyes and even the second hook imbedded around the gills or face when say, the fish turned around or jumped during the fight. the second or third hooked can get ‘wrapped around’. (but then, i recently had a very similar experience where on a one fly rig, the fish turned rather violently and the tippet sliced through the eye and jaw corner on the opposite side of the head 😦 i’ll put up a post on this soon.
      however and as always, specific hook selection is one of the more overlooked aspects in fly tying, so in that regard your judgement and experience with these hooks deserves special reconsideration. thank you very much for your detailed reply, much appreciated 😎
      (there’s quite a lot of water between the two of us but i’ll find a way to make your kind offer happen. thanks !)

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