Fly Casting: Hand-Casting and Loop Propagation

casting by Bernd Ziesche filmed by Aitor Coteron

a lot more than just a fun thing to do, what we’re mostly seeing here (and outside of some outstanding loops) is, although a fly rod makes fly casting and fishing easier, it’s not the rod that makes the cast.
take the caster out of the equation and nothing happens. we cast fly lines, not fly rods.
for sure, the ‘rod hand’ is flexing a bit but it’s nowhere comparable to the bend a rod experiences with the same cast. to understand concepts better sometimes its good to test extreme opposites and compare the results so, seeing that it is quite easy to get fantastic loop shapes with a broomstick (completely rigid lever) as well, it looks like we can remove the over-rated ‘rod load’ concept from the all-essential list of items that make a cast work or not. just as Bernd is doing here with his hand, it’s what (how) we do with the rod tip that makes the line do what we want it to do. it’s a lot more about how we move rather than what we use.

some food for thought…  enjoy !

9 thoughts on “Fly Casting: Hand-Casting and Loop Propagation

  1. Thank you thank you thank you! I spent ages trying to explain to someone that the angler casts the line, the rod is simply a tool he uses.

  2. Great vid. Love it. Last couple of seconds especially illuminating. Hand casting makes dolphins nose loops simple, it seems. Thanks, Marc

    • What was Bernd using? The vid gave it a tape like appearance.

        • Thanks Marc, might try to emulate the exercise with the line from the Redington Form practice rod. Not expecting to achieve Bernd’s level tho’.

          • a heavier weight fly line works just as well without the abrasion to the hand !
            btw, go easy on this if you have any kind of joint problems in your arm. it can really hurt if you do…

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