Fly casting Presentation casts- Off the shoulder curves and pile-curves

from the ‘A driveway runs through it’ series
in slow-motion and color enhanced to see the line, leader and fluff better.
(i love the slomo bird songs !)

sharing this here today more for the visual aspect (for those who enjoy this kind of fly line flying stuff) rather than a how-to of the actual casts, this was a simple test film i did for myself years ago. i wanted to have an after-the-act visualization of the line in the air and its consequent layout. the slomo editing takes image quality a few notches down but gives a better sense of the line’s propagation.
the make-believe situation was fishing upstream in an encumbered stream to imaginary trout represented by the rings. just a rod length to my left was the cabin, in front to the right cedar tree branches (they’re like velcro when the fluff lands in them !) prevented casting over the casting shoulder, there was a phone line 4 meters above and bird-haven bushes behind me. the camera was free-held in my left hand while the right arm was performing the casts over my left shoulder.
in a real fishing situation, i would have reeled in at least a meter of line in to make it all more manageable and to have an easier time in case of a strike.
although there’s only one serious ‘fish-lining’ over the first ring (to cover the fish with the fly line and scaring it because something strange just landed over its head) most of the casts would have had a good chance to interest the ‘fish’ in either ring. in a way, what i’m most surprised/pleased with is how my left hand managed to stay pretty well on track. as such, i’m thinking the left hand did a better job than the right.

here’s the same video unedited and in real time.

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