Fly Tying Videos: the HatchMaster, a simple, elegant, adult Mayfly pattern

by Davie McPhail

hatchmaster mcphail

if you’re one of the many anglers who enjoy casting your flies into trees, rejoice ! this one’ll not only catch a lot of fish because it has all the right elements but will only cost you a little thread, a hook, two feathers and maybe two minutes of your time.
the ‘one feather extended body’ style was shown to me a few years back by Master-Tier Ulf Hagström with the difference that he slimmed down the body with varnish before tying it in. while the thinner body/abdomen looks a bit more realistic (let’s just say, at least from the tier’s point of view) than Davie’s version, it has a problem floating (varnish can’t soak up floatant) whereas when initially left unvarnished, the profile becomes thinner when floatant is applied, giving a very similar visual effect while the abdomen stays afloat imbedded in the surface film where in my opinion, it’ll  leave a bigger surface imprint more visible to the fish below.
mix colors and sizes to match your local bugs. you can also replace the hackle by cdc for calmer waters.
whatever you do with it it’s damn good stuff, enjoy !

3 thoughts on “Fly Tying Videos: the HatchMaster, a simple, elegant, adult Mayfly pattern

  1. I remember when that pattern was “new” on the Henry’s Fork in 1983 but then I saw it in a 1930’s Herters catalog book. Good stuff keeps getting resurrected or re-invented.

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