Fly Fishing Techniques Podcast: Small Stream Tactics

a while ago Jesper Hultqvist of Sweden’s Flugfiskeradion (Fly Fishing Radio) invited me to do a podcast for his site and when asked what topic i would consider, small stream tactics came to mind first as this has been a somewhat obsession of mine in the last ten or so years. the podcast explains the whys and hows pretty well so i won’t dwell too much here.
of course i had prepared notes before the interview and of course i forgot to use them… so, even if it is mentioned at the end i’ll restate here why this type of fly fishing is so close to my heart: Intimacy 
intimacy by necessity but also by choice. even if the fish can be surprisingly big, these confined environments by their very nature force us to think and act on a much smaller scale than what we might be used to. more than on bigger waters, every action has it’s consequence so every action needs some planning but that’s all part of the fun. it can be rather exhausting at the end of the day but it’s a wonderful exhaustion.

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yes, the introduction is in swedish but don’t let that scare you off ! it all switches over to english in about 30 seconds.
54 minutes long, you can either listen to it directly on the site or download the MP3 by right-clicking the download button and listen to small-stream babbling wherever you want ! (i highly recommend doing this at work)
i do hope you enjoy this and hopefully, if you’re not already a small stream fan you’ll get inspired to go fish these lovely, magical little waters so full of oft unexpected treasures.