from Carl McNeil – Swift Performance Fly Fishing

rather harsh ? nope, spot on.

  • Stop holding that rod butt in your teeth – you look like an idiot.
  • Fly fishing is not an extreme sport – if you somehow think it is, you need to get a life or get out more (probably both)
  • Welded loops are for little kids – learn to tie a nail knot. (Ok, they can be handy in the salt)
  • Loose that ‘grin n grip’ – Holding your fish out at the camera is just a projection of your extremely small penis. The ‘grin n grip’ while holding the rod in your teeth clearly states “Idiot with Small Penis”
  • Pictures of fish in the water are extremely  cool.
  • Nothing will make you look like more of a doofus than being all gear and no cast. Work on your fly casting – it will do more for your fly fishing than anything else you could do.
  • Stop being a tight arse and buy some decent gear – start at the pointy end and work back.
  • A stiff rod will not make you a better caster.
  • An expensive rod will not make you a better caster.
  • My fly line will not make you a better caster.
  • A lesson will make you a better caster.
  • My fly casting DVD’s will make you a better caster.
  • Practice will make you a better caster.
  • A Gin and Tonic will make you feel like you are a better caster.
  • Fast and stiff describe two different things – learn ‘em.
  • Understand what a standard weight forward line is and that it is ABSOLUTELY USELESS for casting distance.
  • “Todays modern fast action rods” Do not need a line that is half a line weight heavier in order to load the rod.
  • The correct advertising blurb for “weight and a half lines” should be “Buy this line, it will make you seem like a better caster than you actually are”
    “Buy this line, it will make our ridiculously stiff fly rod actually bend”
  • The secret to fly casting is knowing how to bend the fly rod correctly. Honestly
  • Be aware that weight and a half lines are for little kids. You’re a big kid and are being fed marketing crap – you’re better than that.
  • “Designed in (insert country here)” – means made in China.
  • If we all put as much effort into actually looking after the places we fish that we put into talking about our sport,  the world would be in much better shape. Please, don’t just be a talker – Have some balls, be a doer.

post note-
i’m not quite sure how the ladies that do “The ‘grin n grip’ while holding the rod in your teeth” will deal with the small penis bit but i guess they’ll just have to work that out for themselves and find a proper equivalent…

6 thoughts on “The Swift Manifesto, or HOW TO FLY FISH AND NOT MAKE US ALL LOOK BAD

  1. Strikingly tremendous advice- most all of it.
    Absolute statements are dangerous, though. Weight-and-a-half lines ARE useful for bending stiffer rods at fishable distances. Also for short casts out of a boat. Probably for bobber fishing, too, but I’ll never know. As always cast and compare.
    In case you think I’m being defensive, my handle comes from the classic Colorado fly, not the weight-and-a-half RIo fly line.
    Peace, love and loops.

    • hi,
      why is it then that it’s very easy to ‘bend’ any rod of any action without stringing a fly line through it ? what’s bending the rod, the line or the caster ?

  2. of course it does. without that weight it would be pretty near impossible to propel a pretty weightless object (the fly) once the cast is completed. something heavier needs to pull it towards the target.
    let’s look at at in two other ways.
    – invariably, at the beginning of all my courses i’ll remove the fly line from the rod, attach a leader to the tip ring and demonstrate nice, controlled loop shapes. this shows that in order to control so little weight i need to adapt my hand-arm-body to do so. there’s no tricks involved, anyone can do this and it’s basically what any caster does when starting off a cast with no to very little line outside the rod tip and then extending more line out to carry more line and cast further.
    – also, it’s perfectly possible to cast very well with a completely rigid rod.
    in fact, this rod makes it quite easy to cast extremely tight loops: much tighter than the average rod.
    of course, doing so is quite hard on the arm, specially the wrist, (once again, because it needs a lot more body movement to achieve SLP and there’s no ‘shock absorption)
    and no, we wouldn’t want to fish with a rod like this, but it does however show us that while rod bend makes it easier for us to achieve a straight rod tip path compared to a rigid lever, this highly over-rated/over-stated rod load/bend is only a by-product of what is required to make a fly cast: accelerating the rod tip, followed with a slowing down of the rod tip which enables the fly line traveling at the initial rod tip speed to overcome the rod tip and create a loop.

    finally, a very relevant quote by Bruce Richards that sums it up quite well:
    ” The line rating system is 95% OK. There is no industry rod rating system and likely never will be.
    The better your casting skills, the less you will care about the previous two points. “


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