Strike !

more than any other aspect among all the other aspects involved in the activity of fly fishing, to me, the strike is where it is and what it’s all about.  apart from being able to admire the fish up close if everything works out well, all the rest comes second well, third.

it happens in a flash and just like a lightning bolt we get to appreciate it in all it’s glory for only a brief moment in time. maybe that’s what makes it so special.

here’s a pretty unusual example of this most excellent moment through perfect timing with the camera from Mr. FlyLine, Mike Barrio.

Mike Barrio GT125 strike

One thought on “Strike !

  1. that’s interesting Mr. B
    after having seen countless FF videos, last night i was wondering what the results would show if we attached one of those heart-rate thingies the cool, hot-shot sports people wear, to fly anglers.
    my guess is the Swedes would have the highest heart beat rate, seeing how common it is to start wooping and hollering loudly (even crying. i’ve seen it !) whilst the voice shifts over to little girl tones and this for what’s often a strike from a little fish.
    go figure… :mrgreen:

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