brainwashem’ young- First Encounter

no, outside of being an object papa Daniel Bergman loves to play with, he most probably doesn’t have a clue what this strange object is but there’s a good chance that later on the ‘metal-thingy/papa-fun’ image will remain and come back when the time is right.

‘brainwashing’ in the sense of this series’ title is all about letting the wee ones discover our wonderful enriching activity on their own with little hints and gentle guidance from us along the way. even if it’s a 700$ rod or vice, go ahead, let them play with your toys. it’s one of the better things these toys will ever do.

brainwashem' young 'first encounter' TLC 18-7-13

6 thoughts on “brainwashem’ young- First Encounter

  1. couldn’t agree more. sometimes you may want to take some care with the way they use the toys. most of them –toys– may die in the process.
    I’d love to hear Acey on this.

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